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rand image."Expensive is perfect as a luxury brand" mode has been successful.But now, the Internet and information technology developed, previously closed information transparent and question comes to the public and the media. But only 24 euros rainbo think Gucci cost at the same time is not accurate, because this is just one of the production links, there are many link has not been able to calculate the cost of among them, "the cost of price ratio must be a very small number".Rainbo told BeijiDiscount Gucci Belt Bag for saleng business newspaper reporters, some luxury goods marketing costs alone as much as 50% - 60%. There is no denying that, now the overall profitability of luxury goods is on the decline.The analysis thinks, either from the perspective of the domestic market and international market is more and more to the cost of luxury goods to question, this also reflects from one side the rational trend of consumers."In the future, luxury goods should return to essence of rational, made the global price syste
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