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he relevant person in charge of the subcontractor Mondo Libero company Aroldo Guidotti said in the show: "companies with 24 euro price will sell Gucci handbag company, but that cost up to 1000 euros in Gucci stores." Beijing commercial daily reporter discovery, in another, according to the content of the translation of "cost nearly 1000 euros Gucci handbags assembly cost only 24 euros". In response, Beijing commercial daily reporter yesterday to contact Gucci company customer service in China,Replica Gucci Canvas Tote Bag the other party, said the program called "cost only 24 euros" belongs to taken out of context, belongs to the particular story of selectively to mention specific link, to the brand is a kind of slander.24, she said, "the euro is just the production assembly cost, but in fact the real cost of a bag bag is much higher, also includes such as high quality leather raw materials, product packaging, logistics and cost of sales channels, etc. Lous vuitton handbags cost less than 400 yuan? Similarly,
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