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h yao, including forging horse Iraq 3 people, have become the focus of the media capture whereabouts.And ma forging also repeatedly appeared in the airport with a daughter, seems to be a round trip to Beijing and Shanghai.Not long ago, ma forging is almost at the Shanghai airport met once rival in love yao, but seems to be the other side received the message, to avoid the embarrassment. Not only that, ma forging with article also repeatedly been photographed.Earlier, wen ma parents husband and Discount Gucci HandBags Canada Salewife two people carrying articles to sanya on vacation.Vacation days after ma forging alone return to Shanghai, and the article has gone to husband, together with ma t shirt back only articles of golf bag.Petite ma t shirt with a big bag bat living among the guests out slowly, but luckily she dressed down in the day and add sunglasses hats, basic no one can recognize her.Not a few steps out of the airport hall, eagle-eyed driver found the horse the t shirt.All the way on the forging focus on mob
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