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o far the brand did not disclose the information such as the cost of a single product, profit margins.Monica said at the same time, customers buy luxury goods reasons including product, quality, technology and brand history, etc., these factors cannot be compared with ordinary few yuan bags.She also said that the LV no agent processing factory in China, products are produced by overseas, including main leather products produced from France, Italy, Spain and other regions. Call prices return to Original Gucci Handbags Collectionrational consumption Questioned by Gucci and Louis vuitton is not only of the luxury, in May this year, Beijing business today reported that tens of thousands of yuan of armani suit or jacket, fabric rather than from the fashion capital of Italian from a shandong enterprises, cost hundreds of yuan only.The foundry factory claimed, at the same time as the BOSS and provide the international line luxury fabrics such as zegna. Luxury goods quality of domain experts, wealth, said dean rainbo ago lu
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