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to see xiao hong wrote the black crossed with white salt, the salt, salt salt and the dead.Xiao hong wrote: salt, after all, is not the cream, bring a person the feeling of no sweet, no sweet. They go to the small restaurant, someone beside resiliently scooped the meatballs, tang said, so many dishes, or don't meatballs.Through time and space to play Xiao Jun answered: meatballs with soup.Here did not change a word, all on the screen.The film more like that to actors, maximum reduction of histGucci Hobo Bag onlineory documentary.Advantage is that many of them said, you can find the same words in the original documents. If you've ever seen "lu xun volume", "lu xun's diary" yi xiao hong "and so on related literary works and a series of articles on the periphery of the republic of China, this can provoke a feeling movies all the time.Gosh, lying on a sofa watching while asleep last night, today is on the big screen by the big star in the said come out, at this moment, literary youth finally found their own
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