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little xiao hong.Writer li Qiang responded to the first wave of "golden age" of negative comments.Logical relationship doesn't make sense, though, and you show a man with a movie, the audience is supposed to help out of the cinema by calling out, go to the bookstore to buy a xiao hong, not the other way round the writers to the audience, something you should have what kind of knowledge base, to understand the film.But not mocking literary youth to read, it is really hard to play them a box on tGucci Outlet Online Sale 2015he ear, can hear behind the meaning of the sentence, is you, will only see small times. As a still a little pursuit (face) the main points of the youth, to participate in "golden age", which opens games ago, I bought two books carefully xiao hong, an essay, a novel, are going to watch a big then rest assured bold take encouraging words.Unfortunately, after watching "commercial street" is again failed to pick up the rest.I thinking hard about why I don't like the effort of women writers in the c
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