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must be a very small number".Rainbo told Beijing business newspaper reporters, some luxury goods marketing costs alone as much as 50% - 60%. There is no denying that, now the overall profitability of luxury goods is on the decline.The analysis thinks, either from the perspective of the domestic market and international market is more and more to the cost of luxury goods to question, this also reflects from one side the rational trend of consumers."In the future, luxury goods should return to eCheap Gucci Shoulder Bagsssence of rational, made the global price system balance, and the next will be ready to products and services, rather than on advertising and campaign to blast brand market.Recently, ma forging with daughter appeared in the airport, Beijing Shanghai back and forth, hurrying to the scene also from time to time.Again a few days ago, ma t shirt with big daughter appeared in the airport, but did not see the figure of the article.Along the way, mother and daughter two people without communication, ma
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