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th, canvas and "high-quality PVC resin price is more than ten yuan a kilo", and hardware if it is mass production takes about 20 to 50 yuan.According to its, so a LV bag bag costs about 220-450 yuan between. To this, Beijing business newspaper reporter contact LV group China company, head of media were told that LV company always not going to respond for similar rumours.However, Louis vuitton brand official customer service Monica told Beijing business newspaper reporter, each LV bag from the mGucci Handbags Accessoriesaterial, process and design has its value, so far the brand did not disclose the information such as the cost of a single product, profit margins.Monica said at the same time, customers buy luxury goods reasons including product, quality, technology and brand history, etc., these factors cannot be compared with ordinary few yuan bags.She also said that the LV no agent processing factory in China, products are produced by overseas, including main leather products produced from France, Italy, Spai
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