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his world almost no one is not infatuated with luxury goods, may be not everyone can have a Gucci bag, but if you are in Shanghai, can taste a Gucci on the tip of the tongue, experience the luxury goods stores.Ring trade recently, Shanghai IAPM mall, Gucci restaurant officially opened.In recent years, luxury brands are no longer confined to the roots, but they played the cross-border investment.Recently, Gucci opened the world's first restaurant in Shanghai, China, the interest of everyone., comGucci Handbags USA Factory Outlet Storepared with a price not cheap Gucci handbags, Gucci restaurant above prices also calculate populist, lunch per capita 150 yuan, 300 yuan per person for dinner.That is to say, buy a Gucci bag's price, you can go to Gucci restaurant meal every day this month, the store manager will explain to you every dish ingredients and links with the Gucci brand. Gucci investment food industry is not new instructions of the luxury goods industry, as early as a few years ago, luxury brands are involved in other
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