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ales fell in 2014, the most flamboyant of the Chinese market for the first time in negative growth, with the weakening global economy, China's economic growth is slowing, national anti-corruption propulsion, changes in consumer behavior patterns and closely related to the impact of the electricity.The big background of course also is urging luxury brands in cross-border investment. The personage inside course of study says, in this environment, luxury companies through diversification, into othGucci Handbags Canada Priceer industries, expand product lines, and to spread risk, increase their income is a wise choice. The transition of the luxury brands: sell products to sell way of life Stars are quietly changing, also is not only in order to deal with the problem of the company's poor sales record, it is actually a process of from a single product to lifestyle brands.As Prada, the third generation leader MiucciaPrada puts it: "luxury goods for modern people, the most important is no longer a commodity, but the
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