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ate: is it because of the luxury brand sales decline by force "startup"? Gucci, for example, in May this year, due to poor performance, to stimulate consumption, Gucci in its stores in China officially launched the 5 discount activity, Shanghai, nanjing, hangzhou, chengdu and other cities Gucci shop before long queues formed.It is understood that the discount of category is widespread, including handbags, luggage, clothing, shoes, perfumes, sunglasses, etc., amplitude achieves 5 fold. Luxury bShop Gucci Bags Onlinerand global sales fell in 2014, the most flamboyant of the Chinese market for the first time in negative growth, with the weakening global economy, China's economic growth is slowing, national anti-corruption propulsion, changes in consumer behavior patterns and closely related to the impact of the electricity.The big background of course also is urging luxury brands in cross-border investment. The personage inside course of study says, in this environment, luxury companies through diversificat
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