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dustry source said, "it can't buy big bag often dry, but drink coffee, eat can definitely, a lot of people also enjoy the new satisfaction, or 'new to show off." For now, all kinds of crossover operation and stunt component, but it will gradually become mainstream, traditional stores the same also have to change.Relevant personage says, if you try to good effect, the stars may have to plan to comprehensive renovation stores. The best shop into a way of life, increase customer viscosity. The peWholesale Designer Gucci Handbagsrsonage inside course of study, according to the analysis of the luxury brands are gradually from selling brand, selling products to selling lifestyle changes, the restaurant is part of the brand to build its way of life.Unlike previous brand stores sales oriented, listen to music, eating cake, or dinner not only can this new brand culture experience type more promote the brand contact with the masses, and also can prepare brand for the future development of electronic commerce At the end of ma
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