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such as high quality leather raw materials, product packaging, logistics and cost of sales channels, etc. Lous vuitton handbags cost less than 400 yuan? Similarly, who worked at "manufacturing factory" of Internet writers "full drunk dolphin" has said in an article: "some shop price 20000 yuan of LV bag, the mass production cost around 200 yuan. I reckon only slightly smaller batch may need to 400 yuan."It also mentioned, Louis vuitton handbags with synthetic material is embossing PVC (5275, Gucci Handbags Bags Outlet Online70.00, 1.34%) coating or Oxford cloth, canvas and "high-quality PVC resin price is more than ten yuan a kilo", and hardware if it is mass production takes about 20 to 50 yuan.According to its, so a LV bag bag costs about 220-450 yuan between. To this, Beijing business newspaper reporter contact LV group China company, head of media were told that LV company always not going to respond for similar rumours.However, Louis vuitton brand official customer service Monica told Beijing business newspap
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