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a, so this part of the market is very dear to open cloud group. Gucci comparable sales with 4.6% growth in the second quarter of fiscal 2015, beat analysts gives a forecast of 3.2% decline.This means Gucci from the previous quarter 7.9% rebound.Open cloud group, said in February this year, will be sent to you by layer change management, reduce the distributors and introduce new products such as measures to help Gucci to grow, or will be in 2015 the group's largest luxury brand change for a yearGucci Hats for sale.Luxury "low cost" under the bottom Luxury frequently tens of thousands of yuan, the production cost how many?A few days ago, in an Italian TV exposes the established luxury Gucci [microblogging] handbags assembly cost price 1000 euros only 24 euros.Similarly, a claim that "LV batch manufacturing cost to be controlled in 200 yuan" article also circulated on the Internet. Gucci handbags cost 24 euros? Recently, Italian television "Rai 3" in the "Report" reported that Gucci in Florence, Italy,
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