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truggle, it is no wonder that xiao hong was a theme, then pat about directors couldn't give up the natural characters of dramatic conflicts. Turn over the "commercial street", I think "golden age" should see where is not good, a writer who is good at teasing a friend said: why do you want to take a head bad woman? But than the courtyard line in the movie the batch of modeling efforts to spread the big sister, or behavior of urban women in the story is boring after 80, somehow, and xiao hong, aGucci mens belt Men's Accessories writer. To create the atmosphere of the "golden age" is that this is all a bit personal pursuit, a little literary taste, is a bit unusual literary youth, to see the film, to support the real art film.So a in advance at will, it is a little taste of apple conference, assembled in the city, large and small, literary and art workers, take a look at what is a what kind of age.At first terrible film, horror experimental opening, the soup only face pale as xiao hong tells oneself when born when dea
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