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3 million euros (about 5.335 billion yuan).And Gucci consumption growth benefited from Chinese tourists to Japan and Western Europe, and China's support of the local outlet business.Open cloud group (KeringSA) on May 27, 2015 in the first half performance, sales of 5.5 billion euros, a 17% increase from the same period a year earlier, is an increase of 3.5%.Due to benefit from the luxury brand Gucci growth for the first time in the past two years, to achieve group first-half results exceeded anaGucci Bags wholesalerslysts' expectations. Gucci profit growth, the last also did a lot of measures: in order to clean up the brand creative director period to stay before inventory, Gucci offer 50% discount for China, which last year 40% of its sales from Asia, so this part of the market is very dear to open cloud group. Gucci comparable sales with 4.6% growth in the second quarter of fiscal 2015, beat analysts gives a forecast of 3.2% decline.This means Gucci from the previous quarter 7.9% rebound.Open cloud grou
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