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new bag.The two new bag design is given priority to with simple, didn't do too much on the style of article, brightness is its biggest material used by this time.Mansur Gavriel used the leather from Italy all good tanning (vegetable tanned) leather, combined with leading technology, the biggest feature is probably the skins and the big bump color of lining, but modern enough to let all people fall in love at first sight.With the increase of use fixed number of year, coruscate gives a very naturaReplica Gucci Beltsl do old texture.Both modern and can restore ancient ways of literature and art, kill two birds with one stone.The two new style bag is according to the different needs of Mansur Gavriel customer design, spacious bag is aglet and Crossbody respectively, the other one is for round clamshell at the bottom of the bag, is that you can imagine a woman with her every day all the things in the office, need and a youth before going to the concert with her lip balm and sunscreen Crossbody.Autumn/winter 2
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