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o tang, Xu Guang pp.47-53 Lorelei, a genius is dainty and lovable woman writer, is a magnificent, look unattractive middle-aged women, xu look like xiao hong's mother in the movie, actually two people only sent his preteens.As such, may also be influenced by MeiZhi memoirs, she said "when the pain of her only to talk to Mr Xu, Mr Xu instead of her mother". A film with xiao hong as protagonist, all natural foil to her.Three-hour long movie, to be honest, bored, also many exciting point, as oftenGucci Outlet Shoes on Sale as boring anxious heart was knocked a small hammer, look, no white read your book, all in the movie. Because of this, "golden age" will become the new bags for literary youth, the new iphone, new cappuccino.We never miss a chance to show off their advanced nature, whether it is or devaluation.Imagine apple released after the meeting, is there a lot of people a face of despise said, this is really disappointing. They all said that each year, every mobile phone a sale is fully.Based on this, th
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