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o by armani example. In March 2014, Prada announced the acquisition of Angelo Michael kay co., LTD. 80% stake, the company owns milan dessert old mackey, the sweet shop "surname" Prada as early as in 1824 started playing for milan who supply fine cakes and chocolate, now has become the admiring travelers will go to the landmark of the store.Prada purchase after mackey, in addition to development in milan, is actively the brand internationalization. Hermes has a cafe in Seoul, South Korea, MingGucci Clutch Bags for Cheap hole, the store has the iconic orange visual elements, and H form LOGO chocolate ice cream, but relative to the expensive hermes handbags, consumption in the coffee shop is accessible to many, the price of a cup of cappuccino is 12100 won (RMB 65.79). Luxury brands are crossover is due to poor sales? Stars are quietly changing, this can not help but make people with previous big "reduction tide" together, let a person to extrapolate: is it because of the luxury brand sales decline by force "s
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