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fty sentiments, xiao hong, just is a bitter, bitter to want to go to steal, to hate, to quarrel with lover, just like a place infested with fleas cockroach ragged bedclothes, cannot bear to see.Or, it's hard for me to bear the day a woman like this, she is clearly not clever, struggle up like a little beast, follow each people running here and there, was later abandoned like a burden. Hard on the old woman, but the hardships of xiao hong, it seems that individuals with her is also to blame.ElopGucci bags on saleement would elope, cousin ran, pregnancy pregnant, her fiance ran away, and raise children, children away.She had a create unexpected gift, for all the start fighting never received life, while you, you didn't take long, and struggle, it is no wonder that xiao hong was a theme, then pat about directors couldn't give up the natural characters of dramatic conflicts. Turn over the "commercial street", I think "golden age" should see where is not good, a writer who is good at teasing a friend said:
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