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be a brand stores, the future may also be combined with intelligent terminal to promote brand sales, leading business model change.Unlike previous brand stores sales oriented, listen to music, eating cake, or dinner not only can this new brand culture experience type more promote the brand contact with the masses, and also can prepare brand for the future development of electronic commerce At the end of may, 2015, the French luxury goods group Kering brands Gucci 5 fold "sale" part of the goodsDiscounted Gucci Backpacks USA Outlet in China, cause after all the stores get Gucci recently in Shanghai, China opened the world's first restaurant, also caused a lot of people's interests. In fact, not only is the Gucci is interested in the food industry, LV, Prada, hermes, RalphLauren many luxury brands such as crossover into food catering industry, the luxury why have interest on the tip of the tongue culture and business? Have luxury goods industry analysis on "first financial daily" reporter for restaurants, cafes, dessert
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